I am usually skeptical when someone says they are doing something for free (or small dollars) only to "give back," because they "feel called to do it," or want to "leave their legacy to others." Even when these statements are made in a non-"cringy" way (as my kids would say it) by someone you may trust, it can feel disingenuous. Right or wrong, I am ok with these statements.

I just appreciate and respect it more when someone provides all the reasons they spend time to create materials to help others. These reasons can include making more money, feeding an ego, creating social clout, being seen as an export or anything else that is important to the creator. Anyone can start anything for the reasons that are important to them because that is ok.

Now that we have said the quiet part out loud... why do I work on these resources for you (if you want them and want to subscribe) and how does it benefit me?

My seven (7) reasons for investing in this website and supporting you are...

(1) The challenge: I am an entrepreneur and I have an unhealthy obsession with building things and selling them. This is a small endeavor that sharpens specific skills, may provide me with financial returns (i.e. money) and makes me better.

(2) It is therapeutic: I enjoy the process of reflecting, writing my insights down and sharing them. It feels good to know that what I write may help you to avoid a risk, make an important decision or recognize that you are not alone in your entrepreneurship

(3) Expands my network: I want to continually increase the number of smart people I am connected with and amplify my value within this network. You may be my next investment opportunity. If you are, I want to support you as early as possible to have a shot at making money when you do.

(4) Future book distribution: I plan to author a few books in the next phase of my career. To write, distribute and sell books, I need an audience the material serves with the ability to contact them. This gives me the opportunity to connect with you and others that may be interested in my books when they release.

(5) Speaking opportunities: My career has included keynote speaking, teaching and panel discussions all over the world. I love communicating through live events to enhance the experience event organizers work so hard to foster, to engage an audience with authentic ideas from the real world, and to support conference attendees to be better at entrepreunershi#. Please contact me at hire@johnreites.com if you believe I could add value and contribute to your event as a paid speaker.

(6) Serving others: Many people invested in my education as an executive, intraprenuer and entrepreneur at critical points in my career. I appreciate them more than they realize and am grateful to have learned so much. I wish I knew then what I know now. I am not sharing all my ideas but providing what I believe would help you avoid entrepreneurship, cut months off a startup timeline or survive the journey.

(7) Memoir-ish: I selfishly hope my family (especially my kids) read what I create to be coached in their careers, understand a little more about life from my point-of-view and be proud of their family name. Have you ever read a letter your grandparent wrote in their young age or watched a video that included a loved one that has now passed? That is an opportunity I would like to create. I don't intend to write a memoir but my writing may be insightful to read one day in the future and will certainly outlive me.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to understand my "why" with johnreites.com. I hope it helps you to trust what I write a little more, consider supporting my work, and define your "why" with the idea you build and sell to the market.