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A Win for the Humans

A Win for the Humans
Photo by Jake Nackos / Unsplash

You know you are living in 2024 when you have seen at least three (3) different stories online about how artificial intelligence (AI) is coming for your job. Just let your phone hear you say the words "AI" and it will be all you see on websites, YouTube, social media and advertisements. It's like the AI heard you say the word and wants to ensure you know that your place in this working world is changing.

I believe it is true. I see it in my business every week. AI is coming for your work (at least parts of it in the beginning) and it is starting with the most practical use cases. I am not convinced you can stop it but I am convinced of the following:

All that in perspective, AI is receiving a massive capital infusion like most other technology investment waves in history. The result will be a large number of proven use cases that will inevitability convert into proven standards in the next few years.

Until this AI future arrives, however, it appears we are going to spend time keeping score in the news. It is the "Humans versus AI" and we are in the early rounds.

In "round #1" news...congratulations to the humans. You beat out AI and got it fired from taking drive-thru orders at McDonald's across the US.

McDonald’s just fired its drive-thru AI and is turning to humans instead
Company ends partnership with IBM.

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